The word Yoga comes from the ancient Sanskrit language word jugit, which means yoke, or union. Yoga is the yoking or union of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul. When you practice Yoga you are creating that union. How is this done?

     When you stretch in a yoga pose, called an asana (ah/ sah nah), your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood, cells, open to more energy flow.  You focus your mind inside, feeling that energy flow, that Light inside. Then you rest for a moment or two so your body integrates that energy.

     Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit - all are facets of the same jewel of the Self. When you work/play with one aspect you affect all the other aspects of your Self. Your consciousness rises to the level of Saints and Sages of all times and spiritual paths. That usually does not happen in an instant, although some people do experience that. It happens week by week, over time.



About the Yoga

Benefits of Postures, Breathing, & Relaxation

     There are four main paths of Yoga: Bhakti Yoga - the Yoga of Devotion and Love, Jnana Yoga - the Yoga of Intellectual Inqiry, Karma Yoga - the Yoga of doing work while giving that work to God/the Great Mystery/Your Higher Power, and Raja Yoga - the Yoga of the Eight Royal steps to enlightenment. All Yoga paths lead to enlightenment, and each path includes the other paths in greater or lesser degrees.

     The physical stretches (asanas) and the brething exercises (pranayama) are two of those eight steps. In the Yoga classes I teach, we mainly focus here, although I share Yoga philosophy and stories where appropriate and as students need and ask. I also teach Meditation.

     Any boat can carry you from one side of the river to the other. Any Yoga Teacher shares good practices that will help you feel good and give you good energy to live this Life in a good way. There are many excellent Yoga Teachers in our area. Since 1981 I have worked and prayed to be a clear channel for the Light, Healing, and Love of the Great Mystery to flow through me, for the highest good.

     Teaching Yoga in my home gives me great joy. The recreation room holds seven people comfortably. You get individual attention to help you progress at your own pace. I have taught people with back issues, shoulder issues, knee issues, weight issues, mental-emotional issues, and students, with no discernible issues.

     During Yoga Teacher Training, Swami Vishnudevananda shared that Yoga had kept several of his students from back operations because the Yoga had aligned their spines making an operation unnecessary. Many of the students I teach share that they feel so much better, physically and with their moods, after a Yoga class.

     Yoga is a gentle yet powerful way to be healthy. So, take your eyes off microwave radiation and blue light from your computer or cellphone. Instead, communicate with a real live person. I love and accept you just the way you are. Let's do Yoga! I hope you will call me. Even though I have to have an email account now, I just don't use it. I much prefer the telephone, (703) 208-1479   to take the free trial class.  Doing Yoga is the key. Om Shanti. Om Peace.



I have observed her advanced yoga ability and knowledge, to include her impressive familiarity with the language, “culture,” and diet of Yoga. Hers is a holistic approach which can draw effectively on any of these as well as meditation techniques, as appropriate.
Sharon Arnold, MSW, Licensed Social Worker, Arlington, Va.

It is by far the best Yoga class I have ever taken. I have taken classes in LA, Denver, and other places in the DC area, yours is absolutely the best. I take you with me when I move.
Jacklyn West

Bonnie has impressed me with her vast knowledge of Yoga, as well as its applications for individual student’s needs. Her ability to carefully provide for the wide range of different requirements of each student during class is truly remarkable.
Mary Jo Shiver, Fairfax Station, Va.

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