Yoga Teacher Training Course. 1982 Sivananda Ashram, Val Morin Quebec. Bonnie, seated 3rd row, 3rd in from right.

Bonnie is a unique and blessed person. She glows with the radiance of love of life. Being in her presence is to absorb her commitment to truth and responsibility, her humor, joy, and concern for the justice for the earth. One both grows up, and grows younger, in her presence.
Dr. Lauve Steenhuisen, Vienna Va.


As I enter my 92nd year I’m convinced I’m stronger and more agile than when I began Yoga two years ago. You’ll enjoy your time with Bonnie even when she pushes you (gently) to do better.
Ella Miller Hooe, Alexandria, Va.



     I am Bonnie Elizabeth Kendrick, given the Yoga name Vani (“The Inner Voice,” “The Goddess of Speech”) by Yoga Guru Swami Vishnu-devanenda when I took Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivanenda Yoga Ashram, in Val Moria, Quebec, in 1982.

     Yoga changed my life in a wonderful, good way. It will change your life, too, on many levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. No matter what spiritual path, or none, that you walk, Yoga will deepen your spiritual awareness.

     With over thirty years teaching Yoga, I invite you to open this door into the Yoga Experience.

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